Here at BodySense Fitness, we believe that fitness activities should be sensible, feel good and be something you want to do for a lifetime!  ChiRunning and ChiWalking are part of the solution.

Are you a runner plagued by knee pain, hip pain, back pain,  IT Band Syndrome (ITBS), hamstring pulls, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis?

Whether you are a  long-time runner with a chronic injury, new to running and finding it hard or even painful, or a triathlete trying to improve your run times…

ChiRunning can help!

What is ChiRunning? Chi Running is a revolutionary running technique that combines the principles and mental focus of T’aiChi with the movement of running.  The result is a way to run with less effort and less chance of injury.

How does it work?  The Chi Running program teaches you how to properly position and align your body, how to relax everything but your core muscles and how to cooperate with the forces of nature.  This combination allows you to run safer and more efficiently. You don’t need to

How does ChiRunning help reduce and eliminate injuries? By learning to run with proper posture and bio-mechanics and eliminating unnecessary muscle effort, common running injuries can become a thing of the past!

Maybe you’ve worn zero drop work boots to try to get your feet “closer to natural”.  Or maybe you love minimalist shoes in general.  Great!

What are the key elements of the technique?

  • Good postural alignment (aligning shoulders, hip and ankles)
  • Mid-foot strike (heel and forefoot striking lead to injury)
  • Leaning from the ankles (to let gravity assist you)
  • Engaging core muscles (to help keep posture line in-tact)
  • Relaxation (relaxing non-core muscles making you more efficient)
  • Cadence (a higher cadence or turnover helps prevent injury and makes running more effortless)

How can I learn ChiRunning?  Attending a Chi Running workshop is one of the best ways to improve your running form.  My workshops are designed to leave you with a clear understanding of the ChiRunning technique.  Visit the Workshops page for a listing of upcoming workshops.

Tracy also offers private and semi-private instruction.  Click here to learn more.

Not a runner? Tracy also teaches Chi Walking. Check out our ChiWalking page!